Data Science

As a group of entrepreneurially minded researchers from UCSD's San Diego Supercomputer Center we decided to use our analytical and computational skills to help improving operations in a business environment.



Software Development

As our consumers grew in their data maturity, we observed increased demand for tools and solutions enabling self-serve analytics. To meet this demand, we created our in-house software development team - focused on utilizing cloud technologies to their fullest potential.



Strategic Consulting

For over a decade we used Data Science not only to enhance business processes, but to help our clients shape them. As analytical solutions became a dime a dozen we decided to focus on what we found the most important - ensuring the data drives business decisions. We have structured and formalized our approach to comprehensive business optimization. We conceived our toolbox of Trilayer Business Process Analysis™, Transparent Risk Management Framework™, Synergistic Prioritization Matrix™ & Comprehensive Issue-Solution Trees allowing end-to-end support of strategic business operations.



We're in Europe!

Despite the post-Covid era of confusion and uncertainty, we decided to move on with new energy and courage. We hope we'll find a warm welcome across the pond!

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